Nicotine in numbers

How many smokers are there worldwide? How many vapers are there worldwide? Here you will find the key global numbers for smoking and nicotine.

Nicotine vaping products

Which countries have banned the sale of nicotine vaping products (e-cigarettes)? Which countries regulate the sale of nicotine e-cigarettes? Are there countries that have no laws or regulations on nicotine vaping products?

US smokeless and snus

Which countries allow the sale of snus? Which countries ban the sale of snus? Is it legal to sell snus in European Union?

Heated tobacco products

Are HTPs (such as IQOS and GLO) safer than smoking? Which countries allow the sale of heated tobacco products? Find out!

Nicotine replacement therapy

In which countries are NRT products marketed? Which countries permit the use of NRT products without a prescription? Find out here!

FAQ - General

Is smoking still a problem? Why can’t people just quit smoking? What is tobacco harm reduction? Answers to common questions about smoking and nicotine.