Global State of

Tobacco Harm Reduction

Mapping the global, regional and national availability and use of safer nicotine products (SNP), the regulatory responses to these products, and the public health potential of tobacco harm reduction.

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Briefing Paper on the WHO FCTC COP10 in November 2023

Our explainer explores this important international tobacco control meeting and the potential implications for safer nicotine products. The Briefing Paper, updated for 2023, is available in multiple languages.

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GSTHR2022 RSH Cover
The Right Side of History
Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction 2022

The new GSTHR report documents the search for safer ways to use nicotine, beset with false starts, and charts the history of tobacco harm reduction. Emergence of new safer nicotine products has caused substantial disruption to nicotine use, public health and tobacco control institutions, and the traditional tobacco industry. Mistrust and ideological opposition is hampering widespread adoption of a strategy that could help 1.1 billion adult smokers failed by existing tobacco control interventions.

right to health en print cover
The right to health
and the right to tobacco harm reduction

This GSTHR Briefing Paper argues that tobacco harm reduction is supported by international human rights law. The paper recommends that tobacco harm reduction should be promoted as a health rights issue by the advocacy organisations that represent nicotine users.

Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction
Burning Issues

The second in our GSTHR series which documents the development of tobacco harm reduction and use, availability and regulatory responses to safer nicotine products around the world, and comes two years after No Fire, No Smoke, our first GSTHR report (2018).

Fighting the Last War
Fighting the Last War:
the WHO and International Tobacco Control

The latest report from K∙A∙C’s Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction (GSTHR) argues that “tobacco control policy is frozen in time” while “innovative non-combustible nicotine technology and supporting evidence have moved forwards”. The status quo keeps adult smokers smoking rather than switching to safer nicotine, favouring the tobacco industry.