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Smoking in Norway

The overall smoking prevalence of daily smoking in Norway reduced significantly from 21% in 2008 to 11% in 2017 amongst adults aged 16-74. During that period the smoking prevalence for men reduced from 21% to 12%, and for women it went down from 21% to 10%.

The most recent data show there were 6,207 annual deaths from tobacco-smoking related diseases (approximately 2,900 women and 3,300 men). The annual percentage of all deaths attributable to tobacco smoking was 14.94% (women: 13.6%; and men: 16.1%).

Nicotine vapes (e-cigarettes) are legal in Norway. They can only be sold to those 18 and older and can be purchased without a prescription but there are legal restrictions on their use in public places.

Heated tobacco products are banned in Norway but snus is allowed. Snus is regulated as a tobacco product. It can be imported for trade or personal use and it can also be bought online. A health warning is required on packaging, it can only be bought by those aged 18 and over, and there are no restrictions on flavour range.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can be marketed and it is available to buy in many general shops without a prescription. The NRT market in Norway is worth €48.8 million.

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6,207 people in Norway die from tobacco smoking-related diseases each year.

48.8 million €

Market size of NRT.

Estimated NRT market size is 48.8 million €.

Heated Tobacco Products

in Norway

Heated tobacco products are prohibited in Norway under Regulation no. 1044 of 13 October 1989 Concerning the Prohibition against New tobacco and Nicotine Products.

Nicotine Vaping Devices

in Norway

The Norwegian Parliament voted in December 2016 in favour of lifting the ban on nicotine containing e-cigarettes. The new regulation has to be incorporated into the trade agreement for the European Economic Area EEA and the EU. Under the 2017 Smoking Act, vaping is banned in all places covered by Norway’s smoking ban, and all e-cigarette advertising is prohibited under the Tobacco Injury Act.


in Norway

Snus is not banned in Norway, however the Norwegian Government restricted snus to plain packaging in 2017.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

in Norway

Estimated NRT market size is 48.8 million €. In Norway you don't need a prescription to purchase NRT. Advertising NRT is allowed. You can buy NRT in many general shops without a prescription.