There are many legal cases around the world which focus on banning the sale of e-liquids in flavours other than tobacco or menthol flavour. 

Flavour bans are usually suggested by people who believe that manufacturers are deliberately targeting young people with sweet flavours in e-liquids, when there is no evidence this is the case. People who support flavour bans usually also believe that use of vaping products by young people is much higher than it really is. 

People in favour of tobacco harm reduction argue instead that the real problem is the high rate of smoking among adults. Banning a range of flavours and only allowing tobacco-flavoured liquid is counterproductive, as it could stop people switching from smoking to vaping, which is much safer. 

Although some adult smokers do want to vape tobacco flavour e-liquid, for many it is really important that they can switch to more pleasant flavours, that do not always remind them of smoking. Many people who quit smoking with vaping say the choice of flavours was a primary incentive in encouraging them to switch away.