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Smoking in Venezuela

Available information on the legality of sales of e-cigarettes in Venezuela is ambiguous. Sources report that to be imported, e-cigarettes need to be categorised as either tobacco, medicinal or consumer products. If categorised as tobacco or as a derivative product, e-cigarettes are regulated by the Tobacco Control Laws. As such they cannot be sold to minors, advertised and promoted, or used in enclosed public spaces or on transport. However, if e-cigarettes are categorised as a consumer or medicinal product, they have to have been extensively clinically trialled before being sold, distributed or used. As none have been approved so far, sales are illegal and an alert to this effect has been issued by the Venezuelan Ministry of Health. It is not clear from our sources if this means all sales are illegal, or just those where e-cigarettes are categorised as consumer/medicinal products.



17,296 people in Venezuela die from tobacco smoking-related diseases each year.

Heated Tobacco Products

in Venezuela

You can't advertise HTP in Venezuela.

Nicotine Vaping Devices

in Venezuela

E-cigarettes is banned. In Venezuela is legal to purchase nicotine without prescription to e-cigarette vaping.


in Venezuela

Snus is allowed. Snus is legal to use.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

in Venezuela

In Venezuela you don't need a prescription to purchase NRT. NRT is legal to market. You can buy NRT in Pharmacy.