0% of the adult population are smokers

There are approximately 0 smokers in Belize

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Smoking in Belize

138 people die from tobacco smoking in Belize. tobacco smoking-related health problems account for 8.37% of deaths



138 people die from tobacco smoking in Belize.

Heated Tobacco Products

in Belize

HTP is illegal to be marketed.

Nicotine Vaping Devices

in Belize

There is currently no specific law regarding e-cigarettes – e-cigarettes are therefore legal to sell and use in Belize, and there is no tax on them at the moment. However, the National Drug Abuse Control Council Belize (NADCC) are (as of 2018) drafting a new Tobacco Control Act which may heavily regulate e-cigarette product sales, and possibly restrict public use, along with a substantial tax to be applied to the final sale price.


in Belize

There is no information about using snus

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

in Belize

NRT is illegal to be marketed.