21.1% of the adult population are smokers

There are approximately 7.0 million smokers in Argentina

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Country profile

Smoking in Argentina

Smoking trends in the general population in Argentina show a significant decline in current tobacco smoking from 41% in 2000 to 22% in 2015, with a further decline to 15% projected by 2025. The rate of projected decline appears to be steep in both men (45% in 2000, 28% in 2015 and a projected further decrease to 21% by 2025); and in women (36% in 2000, 16% in 2015 and a further decrease to 10% by 2025 projected). The WHO published prevalence trend estimates in tobacco smoking, as shown here, in their 2018 2nd edition report, which show slightly different smoking prevalence to the WHO country profiles. Data for the estimates are not age standardised, and were obtained from WHO databases. The trend lines are projections, not predictions, of future attainment. A projection indicates a likely endpoint if the country maintains its tobacco control efforts at the same level that it has implemented them to date. Therefore the impact of recent interventions could alter the expected endpoint shown in the projection. While the methods of estimation used in the first and second editions of the WHO report are the same, the volume of data available for the second edition is larger i.e. 200 more national surveys. The results presented are therefore more robust.



47.8 thousand people die from tobacco smoking in Argentina.

2.9 million €

Market size of NRT.

NRT market size is 2.9 million €.

Heated Tobacco Products

in Argentina

Heated tobacco products are not regulated in Argentina. There is no information about using HTP

Nicotine Vaping Devices

in Argentina

A 2011 ruling from the government of Argentina bans the sale, advertisement, distribution and importation of e-cigarettes and related products. Decree no. 602/2013 also classifies e-cigarettes as tobacco products - therefore using them is prohibited in enclosed public spaces and public transport by the national tobacco control law (no. 26,687).


in Argentina

Snus is legal to use.

Nicotine Replacement Therapy

in Argentina

NRT is available in Pharmacy. Advertising NRT is allowed.