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  • 星期三, 1月 15, 2020
  • Philippine Vape Group Says E-Cigs Should be Viewed as Safer Alternatives

  • “PECIA and our 250 members do not claim e-cigarettes are smoking-cessation devices. We mandate our members to be responsible entrepreneurs by observing ethical business practices and ensuring the proper use of e-cigarettes as a lifestyle choice among adults looking for a less-harmful alternative to conventional cigarettes,” said the association’s president Joey Dulay in a letter. Last month, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, announced a ban on the use and import of e-cigarettes, saying that anyone caught using the products will be arrested.

  • 星期一, 12月 16, 2019
  • Duterte’s Vaping Ban Propagates the Drug War in the Philippines

  • The discussion over tobacco harm reduction in the United States is an emotional demonstration of dogmatic assumptions. It is true that smoking kills, nicotine does not come without risks to the human body, and that youth should do their best to refrain from the use of tobacco and smokefree products like e-cigarettes. However, there are lines of unethical public health practice. At least in the U.S., smokers don’t risk the pains of potentially being killed just for gunning a stick on their lunch break.

  • 星期五, 12月 13, 2019
  • FDA to doctors: Don’t interact with tobacco, e cig firms

  • The Food and Drug Ad­ministration (FDA) has is­sued a “gentle reminder” to all physicians connected with public hospitals not to have any form of interaction with the tobacco and electronic cigarette industries.

    The FDA issued an advi­sory under acting director general Eric Domingo that said doctors of state hospitals should avoid all interaction with the industry in compli­ance with Joint Memorandum Circular 2910-01 issued by the Department of Health and Civil Service Commission.


  • 星期一, 12月 09, 2019
  • E-cigs not meant to halt smoking habit – PECIA

  • Electric cigarettes or e-cigarettes aren’t devices designed to help people quit smoking as far as the Philippine E-Cigarette Industry Association (PECIA) is concerned. PECIA President Joey Dulay made this clarification in a letter sent to the Manila Bulletin over the weekend after a story ran last week in the daily insinuating that the group viewed e-cigarettes as “smoking-cessation devices.”

    “PECIA and our 250 members do not claim e-cigarettes are smoking-cessation devices. We mandate our members to be responsible entrepreneurs by observing ethical business practices [...]

  • 星期一, 12月 02, 2019
  • DOF seeks ban on flavored e-cigarettes

  • The Department of Finance (DOF) is pushing for a ban on flavored electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) or vapes to discourage the youth from buying these products.

    “Our original position has always been to make sure that the flavors appealing to the youth are not allowed,” Finance Undersecretary Karl Kendrick Chua said. [...] Chua said the DOF was still awaiting an executive order clarifying the scope of the President’s ban on e-cigarettes.



  • 星期四, 11月 28, 2019
  • E-cigarette regulation tackled on Senate floor

  • Is the Philippines getting better in regulating e-cigarettes?

    Sen. Joel Villanueva posed this question on Tuesday during the period of interpellation for Senate Bill No. 1074 which seeks to raise taxes on liquor, e-cigarettes, and vapor products.


    “Sadly, my answer to that question is no, we are not getting better,” Sen. Pia Cayetano, who sponsors the bill, said. “Right now as we speak, there is no regulatory agency looking over this. Why? Because members of the industry filed a TRO [temporary restraining order] against FDA [...] and DOH [Department of Health] to regulate,” she added.