Integrating harm reduction into tobacco control in Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA)

14 June 2022 -

The event, a roundtable discussion on tobacco harm reduction in the EECA region, took place on Tuesday,14 June 2022 at the Marriott Hotel, in Warsaw

The event was comprised of four sessions:

  1. Following brief introductions from the hosts, in the first session we assessed the state of play and talk about the importance of this meeting, followed by two short presentations by Health Initiatives representatives from Ukraine and Georgia. These were followed by a short Q&A.
  2. The second session was round table discussion, asking those present to identify the challenges in harm reduction faced by their countries and/or region with contributions from (among others) Georgia, Ukraine, Russia USA and Canada.
  3. The third session was an engaging roundtable discussion recapping the main points from the morning, and then the discussion addressed the roles of different groups in advancing the cause of tobacco harm reduction in the region - informed by specific contributions from attendees representing different groups such as policy, consumer, NGO, media, doctors etc.
  4. In the final session, a discussion took place to identify action points and plans for the future in the region.