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Selling e-cigarettes (containing nicotine) and control mechanisms
Sale of e-cigarettes
No specific law [1, 2, 3]

1. Vapetrotter website. Available at: https://www.vapetrotter.com/laws/

2. Global tobacco control website. Available at: https://www.globaltobaccocontrol.org/node/14052

3. Tobacco Control Laws website. Available at : https://www.tobaccocontrollaws.org/legislation/

Notes on methodology & limitations

Data has been collected from a range of sources which are openly available online, such as vaping information/regulation websites & direct from country's legislation where available. In a few instances information has been included which was received from individuals specialising in the field. The regulatory picture changes frequently and these data boxes show the situation at time of going to press. This website will be updated as/when new regulatory information is received. There are gaps in the data available - readers are invited to send in updated information to the GSTHR team.

Country News

  • Monday, April 15, 2019
  • Tanzania sees declining tobacco production: official

  • Tobacco production in Tanzania has been on the decline due to various challenges, including destructive pests, an official said on Sunday. Stanley Mnozya, the Deputy Managing Director of the Tanzania Tobacco Board, said production of the cash crop had been on the decline since the 2013/2014 farming season. "There has been a spate of pests that destroy tens of hectares of tobacco farms annually which subsequently raise production costs of the cash crop," said Mnozya.