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  • Tuesday, October 01, 2019
  • Export Of Electronic Cigarettes Banned, Says Centre

  • The commerce ministry on Monday said it has banned exports of electronic cigarettes, e-Hookah and other similar devices.
    The notification was issued to comply with the government's ordinance issued on September 18 to ban production, import, distribution and sale of electronic cigarettes.

    "Export of electronic cigarettes including all forms of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Heat Not Burn products, e-Hookah and the like devices by whatever name called and whatever shape, size or form it may have...is prohibited," [...]

  • Monday, September 30, 2019
  • “Do Not Harbour Misconceptions About E-Cigarettes,” Says PM Modi

  • Urging individuals to shun tobacco, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday stated e-cigarettes had been banned to forestall individuals from a brand new method of intoxication. These had been his first remarks on the difficulty of well being hazards linked to e-cigarettes after the Union Cupboard earlier this month banned its sale, manufacturing and storage by means of an ordinance. The ordinance shall be transformed right into a invoice within the subsequent session of Parliament.

  • Monday, September 30, 2019
  • Medical experts hail ban on e-cigarettes

  • Medical experts in the Pune have welcomed the ban on 'e-cigarettes'. According to the draft ordinance, the storage of e-cigarettes shall now also be punishable with imprisonment up to six months or fine up to Rs 50,000 or both.
    Pulmonologist Vaibhav Pandarkar of Columbia Asia Hospital, said, "Every day there are 1-2 patients who are addicted to e-cigarettes. Symptoms are chest pain, cough, nausea, fever or vomiting. Mostly we have youngsters who are addicted to cigarettes or e-hookah."

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2019
  • 'Half as many Britons' vape as smoke

  • The number of people vaping in the UK has reached 3.6 million - about half the number of smokers - figures from Action on Smoking and Health suggest.

    The data indicates most vapers are former smokers, with the main reason for using e-cigarettes being to give up tobacco.

    The findings come as the US continues to investigate a spate of serious lung injuries linked to vaping.

    India, meanwhile, says it will ban e-cigarettes as they pose a health risk.

  • Wednesday, September 25, 2019
  • China and India turn against vaping. But Europe sees it as safer than cigarettes

  • Electronic cigarette makers were counting on Asia as a growth market. But the region may not be a refuge from an escalating crackdown in the U.S.

    India banned electronic cigarettes last week, days after Juul Labs Inc.’s products vanished from online Chinese marketplaces. [...] But some nations still view e-cigarettes as viable alternatives to smoking, a leading cause of preventable death. Public health officials in Britain, the biggest market in Europe for the products, endorse vaping as a way to wean people off smoking. [...]

  • Tuesday, September 24, 2019
  • India’s new e-cigarette ban goes against its history of being a leader in harm reduction for Asia

  • Indian officials have long recognized that public health is better served by focusing on attainable solutions rather than far-flung ideals. Yet when it comes to smoking, their faith in this principle is waning. Rather than developing a regulatory framework to ensure that e-cigarettes are available alongside their more dangerous cousins — combustible cigarettes — public health officials have simply chosen to ban them.